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[ Web / Mobile Applications Penetration Testing ]

Web-based and mobile applications are currently ubiquitous in any modern organization. They are "working horses" of almost any organization, boosting its effectivness and supporting its day to day operations. However due to their complexity and sophistication, they also introduce security risks to the data they process.

To mitigate those risks Z-Labs offers comprehensive penetration testing services for you web applications and mobile applications. During the testing Z-Labs security experts will thoroughly analyze ins and outs of your applications in order to identify design flaws, imlementation vulnerabilities or infrastructure misconfigurations. After doing so, Z-Labs will use sophisticated attack techniques to proof the risks associated with identified issues and propose mitigation solutions.

[ Deliverables ]

As a part of each penetration testing engagement Z-Labs delivers following documentation and support:

  • Engagement Plan (Statement of Work) - pre-engagement document describing agreed testing objectives, testing type and scope as well as any other crucial details (target details, testing plan overview, permission memo, test schedule, and testing restrictions);

  • Final Report - comprehensive, custom-written report listing all issues found. Each vulnerability in addition to actionable description consists of severity level, steps to reproduce (if applicable) and remediation recommendations;

  • Remediation consultation and re-testing - email support in resolving found issues and re-testing (after fixes have been applied).

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