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Z-Labs is a company specializing in offensive side of cyber security. Z-Labs brings to you sophisticated adversary simulation and penetration testing services together with advanced R&D capabilities

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Cyber Resilience Engineering: Red vs Blue Exercises

We will act as a sophisticated and motivated adversary to put your prevention, detection and response capabilities to test. We will design and simulate a series of adversarial attack scenarios. Then we will assist you in gradual improvement of your organization's cyber resilience capabilities. Read more.

Application-level Penetration Testing

We will thoroughly verify security posture of your application. We will make sure that the data stored and processed be the application is adequately protected and propose robust mitigation strategies for identified security deficiencies. Read more.

Infrastructure-level Security Assessment

We will review and verify security of your on-premise and/or cloud-based infrastructure. We will provide you with realistic insights into current security posture of your organization. Finally, we will propose mitigation strategies. Read more.

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