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Z-Labs is committed to provide high quality software and infrastracture-level security assessment and penetration testing services

[ Kontakt ]

You can contact Z-Labs via following email address: info@z-labs.eu. Be sure to use this PGP key in case of sending sensitive information.

We answer all emails within the same business day.

[ Oferta ]

Network Penetration Testing / Adversary Simulation Exercises

We will conduct sophisticated penetration tests and adversarial attack simulation exercises to verify security posture and cyber resilience of your organiziation against real-life threats. Read more.

Web / Mobile Applications Penetration Testing

We will thoroughly verify security posture of your application. We will make sure that the data stored and processed be the application is adequately protected and propose robust mitigation strategies in case of security deficiencies. Read more.

Cloud Security Assessment

We will analyze architecture and configuration of your cloud-based deployment pinpointing possible attack vectors and subtle cloud-specific issues. Read more.

C/C++ Source Code Auditing / Vulnerability Research

We will review your (proprietary or open-source) low-level code that your higher-level business critical applications depend on. Read more.

[ Rezultaty ]

As a part of each penetration testing engagement Z-Labs delivers following documentation and support:

  • Engagement Plan (Statement of Work) - pre-engagement document describing agreed testing objectives, testing type and scope as well as any other crucial details (target details, testing plan overview, permission memo, test schedule, and testing restrictions);

  • Final Report - comprehensive, custom-written report listing all issues found. Each vulnerability in addition to actionable description consists of severity level, steps to reproduce (if applicable) and remediation recommendations;

  • Remediation consultation and re-testing - email support in resolving found issues and re-testing (after fixes have been applied).

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